Ayra Aiyanna of RidgeLove "Ayra"

Dam: C.I.B. GrandCh. MultiCh. JCh. Graceful G. Geisha Tatranská Afrika "Grace"
(ES Elisha Tatranská Afrika x Ch. JCh. Luksus z Werwa)
Sire: MultiCh. JCh. Ave Caesar Great Galaxy "Nash"
(Evergrace´s Kandy Crush Virra x Saimon´s Praide Never Give Up)

breeding female
: SKCHR 18.9.2022

D.O.B: 18.03.2021
fulldentition scissor bite, height
: 63cm
HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD neg., LTV 0, L7, SA neg.

DM N/N, MH N/N, JME N/n carrier, D Locus D/D,
B Locus B/B, hemophilia B and A clear,
RR IVA N/N, Ridge gene R/r

Grandchampion of Romania
Champion of Romania
Juniorchampion of Hungary
Puppy champion of Slovakia
Vice- puppy female of the year 2021 SKCHR

Candidate: Interchampion (C.I.B.)
                   Champion of Slovakia
                   Champion of Hungary
                   Champion of Poland
                   Champion of Croatia
                   Club champion SKCHR

BIG, BOB, 2x BOS, 3x JBOB, 2x Best Female
2X CACIB, 1x res. CACIB, 11x CAC, 10x res.CAC, res.club CAC, 3x CAJC,
BOB Minor puppy, BOB puppy
, Best Puppy
BISS minor puppy- club show SKCHR 2021
3.place best head female- speciality club show SKCHR 2022
3.place best young head female- club show SKCHR 2022
2.place best ridge- club show SKCHR 2022
2. place best young head female - club show SKCHR 2021
1. place best ridge- club show SKCHR 2021

Ayra was born in our kennel in litter "All my heart", in which our Grace gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies (4 males and 4 females - 6x standard, 2x ridgeless). Ayra is a very intelligent, friendly, receptive and docile female with a balanced nature, he is not afraid of anything. She loves people, children, other dogs.

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C.I.B. GrandCh. MultiCh. JCh.
Graceful G. Geisha Tatranská Afrika "Grace"

Dam: ES Elisha Tatranská Afrika
( VeteranCh. ClubCh. Blue Berry Tatranská Afrika x
C.I.B. Ch. JCh. A'Lucas Star Fox Grape)
Sire: Ch. JCh. Luksus z Werwa
(Ch. JCh. Dancing Revue z Werwa x Ch. Mkai Leoridge)

D.O:B: 05.10.2017
fulldentiton scissor bite, height: 63,5cm
Approved to breed - SKCHR breeding exam 08.06.2019

Interchampion (C.I.B.)
Grandchampion of Romania
Champion of Romania
Champion of Poland
Champion of Hungary
Junior champion of Slovakia
Puppy champion of Slovakia
Vice - champion of the year 2019 SKCHR

Champion of Croatia
Champion of Slovakia
Grandchampion of Hungary
Grandchampion of Poland

3x CAJC, 19x CAC, 9x res.CAC
4x CACIB, 5x res. CACIB
2x Best Female, 5x BOS

HD A/A             DM N/N
ED 0/0               MH N/N
OCD neg.         JME N/n carrier
LTV 0 L7           D locus D/D, B locus B/B
 SA neg.           Hemophilia B clear, Ridge gene R/r
Breeder: Ján a Ester Handrušovci
Owner: Henrieta Szabová



MultiCh. JCh.
Ave Caesar Great Galaxy "Nash"

Dam: Ch. Evergrace's Kandy Crush Virra( Ch. Evergraces Reliable Radya x C.I.B. MultiCh. rWW 13 Maidens Kalahari Kandy
Sire: Ch. Saimon's Praide Never Give Up
( Ch. Saimons Praide Cheiz Ol Fia And Uin x Ch. Saimos Praide Safisha Dondo Almasi)

D.O.B: 20.07.2018                                              
fulldentition scissor bite, height: 68cm, weight: 44kg

Champion of Latvia
Champion of Russia
Champion of RKF
Blood tracking champion of Sweden 
Juniorchampion of Switzerland

Candidate: Interchampion (C.I.B)

CACIB, 3x BOB, BOS, 2x res. BIG, BIG

HD A/A   ED 0/0
Hemophilia B : free
D-locus : D/D
JME: N/N free
B-locus : B/B
Ridge gen R/r
BPH: Yes (Swedish Behaviour Test/Desciption)

Breeder: Elena a Willy Johanson
Owner: Elena a Willy Johanson