About us

Even when I was little, we had RR - a dog Rony. He was my companion at everything, I liked him very much and I still remember him. He died when 9 years old. Then we had another RR and other breeds. But I have always loved this amazing breed and I decided I wanted another RR. I was looking for current litters of kennels and I found a kennel Tatranská Afrika. At that time they already had puppies assigned, but I really liked the female with whom they were planning puppies for next year. I decided to wait a year for my dream bitch after Eliška. The day came when they were born. I originally wanted a pet female. But then Ester sent me photos and I was most caught my heart by a standard female with a purple collar, my Grace. I decided for her and the decision came to try her the dog shows. Now we have a multiple champion and the future mother of our puppies. She is a beautiful, friendly and balanced female, a great companion, she goes with me everywhere. He's our family member.