About us

Even when I was little, we had RR - the dog Rony. He was my companion in everything, I liked him very much and I still remember him. He died when he was 9 years old. Then we had RR and other breeds. But I have always loved this amazing breed and decided I wanted another RR. I was looking for current litters of kennels and I found the Tatranská Afrika kennel. At that time they already had puppies registered, but I really liked the female they were planning to have puppies with next year. I decided to wait a year for my dream female after Eliška. The standard female with a purple collar, my Grace, caught my heart the most. It was love at first sight :). We decided to try exhibitions with her and it was a great decision - now we have a multiple champion, a great companion for everything and the mother of our puppies. She is a beautiful, friendly and balanced female, she is a member of our family.
I love this breed, their nature, intelligence, beauty and agility in movement, love of family and their sense of humor, occasional stubbornness and much more. I decided to breed because I want to bring something new to the breeding of Ridgebacks, and of course the most important thing for me is the preservation of the right temperament in breeding and solid health. I also want to maintain the basics of the breed standard in breeding - dark eye, strong frame and length, front chest, correct back and set tail. When choosing a dog, I always pay attention to the correct nature of the dog, health and a nice symmetrical exterior. The main thing I look for in dogs is what I need to get into breeding. But not only as some breeders do, but to make the overall appearance of the dog compact. I am very demanding when choosing a dog, but in breeding I want to ensure that our offspring have the right compact exterior (strong skeleton, good body length, correct forechest and shoulder blade, depth of chest, dark eye,