Rhodesian Ridgeback


The ancestors of this breed come from the Cape Colony in South Africa, where they were crossed with the dogs of the first settlers and semi-domesticated hunting dogs of the Hottentots, after which they inherited the opposite of on ridge. The original mission of these African dogs was to track down the prey and prevent it from escaping until the hunter arrived. They were used to hunt wildlife, especially lions. Since then, the name "African lion dog" has been used for Rhodesian ridgebacks. That's why people often think that these dogs killed lions. This is not true - the Rhodesian Ridgeback is not able to kill a lion, not even in a clamp. Dogs always just drove the animal towards the hunter.


The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a balanced, strong, muscular, elegant and active dog. The name of the breed originated from its "ridge" - it is the opposite growing coat on the back, which is the main characteristic of the breed. The ridge can only have 2 crowns lying opposite each other and must have the same shape. The color can be from light wheat to red wheat. It may have small white markings on the chest and fingers, but a lot of white or black hair is unacceptable. The muzzle and ears may be dark and the nose black or brown. The eyes should be dark brown with a black nose and amber with brown ones. The standard height at the withers is 66cm to 69cm for dogs and 61cm to 66cm for bitches.


He is an intelligent, sensitive, energetic and independent dog who loves his family, he is reserved towards strangers, but not aggressive or shy. If he is seriously endangered, the Ridgeback does not use force or violence in defense, but rather intransigence and intelligence. Ridgeback is patient, tolerant and has a strong sense of humor, which makes him an amazing companion, a member of the family. This breed should be chosen only by active and physically fit people who can provide the dog with enough movement and time. He lives in a quiet and quiet companion in the apartment, he has no habit of destroying anything. But he needs to be able to have a good time out on a walk. He loves free movement in nature, where he can go crazy enough, for example with a dog friend. :) Ridgeback usually gets along well with other dogs and does not attack anyone for no reason. Of course, socialization is also important. The ridgeback is not a suitable for a year- round outdoot stay! If you plan to keep the dog in the pen, please choose another breed. Not only because his short coat and background practically preclude a year-round stay outside, but also so that he is not shy and closed, because he requires intensive contact with his family. He has a very developed social feeling, he likes it wherever you are. He does not feel the need to prove his superiority to anyone at any cost, he gets along well with children and pets.