Puppy from us

If you are seriously interested in a puppy from our kennel, please write me something about yourself:
  • write something about yourself and your family, about the environment where the puppy will live.
  •  leave a telephone contact, email, city where you live.
  • what is your experience with the Ridgeback or another breed.
  • you are interested in a female / dog or you have not decided yet.
  • you are interested in a standard puppy or pet puppy.
  • do you plan to try dog shows / do not plan to try dog shows.
  • I do not reply to SMS or emails of the "how much does the puppy cost" type!
We require from future owners:
  •  suitable conditions for dog breeding, preferably a family house with access to the bottom.
  •  RR is not suitable for a year-round stay outside. If you want to breed a dog outdoors, please consider another breed, more suitable for staying outdoors.
  • at least one personal visit before buying a puppy. The exception can only be when exporting a puppy in agreement with uss.
  • not to produce puppies without a pedigree, if they do not approve a breeding test for a female / dog or if they do not breed in the FCI kennel. You must also not breed if you have purchased a pet puppy.
  • contact with us, providing information about the dog, his health, or problems in education or dog shows achievements or other achievements.
  • the puppy's reservation will be binding after making a deposit of the agreed amount.
With a puppy you will receive from us:
  • a FCI pedigree, pet pass, microchip
  • purchase agreement
  • information on puppy care, further vaccination and deworming
  • information about SKCHR (Slovak Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeders Club)
  • granules or meat for the first days in a new home
  • rich equipment for the puppy - collar, leash, bowl, toy, book about RR, blanket, treats
  • advice on shows, education, nutrition, care, socialized ....
The new owners will receive lifetime support from us as your breeder.
Puppies will go to new homes at least 8 -10 weeks old , fully socialized and ready to live with you.