Litter "All my heart"

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We were born on the night of 17.3. on 18.3.
We are 4 boys and 4 girls ( 6 standard and 2 ridgeless). We would like to thank everyone who kept their fingers crossed for us and especially Ester Handzušová for helping us to come into the world :)

All our puppies are in a new home

Boys: Asan, Archie, Rames, Dante

Girls: Ayla, Aimy, Ayra, Ayleen

mother of puppies

Graceful G. Geisha Tatranská Afrika "Grace"

Dam: ES Elisha Tatranská Afrika
( VeteranCh. ClubCh. Blue Berry Tatranská Afrika x
C.I.B. Ch. JCh. A'Lucas Star Fox Grape)
Sire: Ch. JCh. Luksus z Werwa
(Ch. JCh. Dancing Revue z Werwa x Ch. Mkai Leoridge)

D.O:B: 05.10.2017
fulldentiton scissor bite, height: 63,5cm
Approved to breed - SKCHR breeding exam 08.06.2019

Grandchampion of Romania
Champion of Romania
Champion of Poland
Champion of Hungary
Junior champion of Slovakia
Puppy champion of Slovakia
Vice - champion of the year 2019 SKCHR

Interchampion (C.I.B.)
Champion of Slovakia
Grandchampion of Hungary

3x CAJC, 16x CAC, 7x res.CAC
3x CACIB, 4x res. CACIB
3x BOS

HD A/A             DM N/N

ED 0/0               MH N/N
OCD neg.          JME N/n 
LTV 0 L7           D locus D/D, B locus B/B
 SA neg.            Hemophilia B clear, Ridge gene R/r
Breeder: Ján a Ester Handrušovci
Owner: Henrieta Szabová

father of puppies

Ave Caesar Great Galaxy "Nash"

Dam:  Ch. Evergrace's Kandy Crush Virra( Ch. Evergraces Reliable Radya x C.I.B. MultiCh. rWW 13 Maidens Kalahari Kandy
Sire:  Ch. Saimon's Praide Never Give Up 
( Ch. Saimons Praide Cheiz Ol Fia And Uin x Ch. Saimos Praide Safisha Dondo Almasi)

D.O.B: 20.07.2018                                               
fulldentition scissor bite, height: 68cm, weight: 44kg

Champion of Latvia
Champion of Russia
Champion of RKF
Blood tracking champion of Sweden 
Juniorchampion of Switzerland

Candidate: Interchampion (C.I.B)

CACIB, 3x BOB, BOS, 2x res. BIG, BIG

HD A/A   ED 0/0
Hemophilia B : free
D-locus : D/D
JME: N/N free
B-locus : B/B
Ridge gen R/r
BPH: Yes (Swedish Behaviour Test/Desciption) 

Breeder: Elena a Willy Johanson
Owner: Elena a Willy Johanson   

Grace photogalery                                     Nash photogalery

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