Individual photos puppies
"Crown of the Queen"

D.O.B.: 7.11.2023
6 boys- 4 standard a 2 pet
3 girls- all standard

We have available 1 boy! :)

Crown of Queen Colette RidgeLove - SK

standard female                              birth weight: 515g

Choike for Zerizaun by RidgeLove
export UK

standard male                                 birth weight: 415g 

Crown of Prince Maui RidgeLove    AVAILABLE

standard male                                 birth weight: 420g

Crown of Queen Cody RidgeLove
export NL

standard female                              birth weight: 455g

Crown of King Nawy RidgeLove
stay at home :)

standard male                                 birth weight: 485g

Cruis Brownie of RidgeLove - SK

pet male- more white-  white paw          birth weight: 472 g

Caimile Cimia of RidgeLove
export AT

standard female                              birth weight: 468g

Crown of Prince Marek RidgeLove
export UK

standard male                                 birth weight: 490g

Crown of Prince Ravi RidgeLove
export HU

pet male- more white- white paw         birth weight: 509g